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Jeanette Rutz has worked as a court reporter for over 25 years, and has owned and operated Ferrandino Reporting since 2010.  Her dedication to providing a personalized customer experience has allowed Ferrandino Reporting to consistently grow during that time.  In 2010, she saw an industry that was becoming more interested in the bottom line, and less worried about the quality of the service that was being provided.  That’s why she decided to start Ferrandino Reporting with the goal of giving the Chicago legal community the opportunity to receive a warm and welcoming experience to go along with their court reporting services.  Her philosophy not only applies to how she handles herself, but also to the roster of court reporters she works with. From top to bottom, Ferrandino Reporting is devoted to providing a first-rate product with first-class service.  

Jeanette is a member of the National Court Reporters Association as well as the Society for the Technological Advancement of Reporting. Outside of work, she is a dedicated parent, active member of her church community, a committed and engaged mentor to other court reporters, and tries to lend a helping hand whenever the situation calls for it.

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